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Ana D'Oliveira

Ana Doliveira is a Physical Educator, Personal Trainer, Online Coach, Figure Athlete, Fitness Model and is based in Seattle Washington. Born and raised in Rio, Brazil. A standout high school and later a collegiate athlete; Ana competed internationally in swimming as well as soccer and volleyball. In college, she majored in physical education while working full time as a physical trainer and gym manager.  Ana moved to India and studied extensively with yoga master Phatabi Jois, recognized as the leading yoga master worldwide. She then traveled to New York and trained with Dharma Mitra and Shiva Rea, the top two international yoga masters after Phatabi Jois.  Ana holds a master level certification in yoga, CrossFit, Pilates (mat and apparatus), piyo, turbo kicking, body pump, RPM, cycling, body combat, Zumba, silver sneakers, and PT ACSM, WITS, NCSF and NESTA . Ana is also certified in ACSM (sports medicine) and began competing in bodybuilding in 2014 and qualified for nationals in her first year.

Make your body the sexiest outfit you own

Being Sexy is not just about how you look. Sexy is a feeling. Sexy is confidence in yourself every time you look in the mirror. Sexy is when you put on a nice outfit and feel awesome about yourself when you walk out the door.


During this meeting (Skype or in person)I will review your medical and exercise history and answer any questions you may have.​


Personal training made personal. I provide customized training plans for maximum results.

Nutrition plan

I will provide an effective meal plan that will help you achieve your best physique.

Featured Online Programs

Transformation and lifestyle program

  • Customized program that includes cardio, strength training, nutrition and supplementation suggestions that will all be tailored for your needs in order to reach your goal safely and efficiently.
  • Workouts based on availability of your equipment and/or access to workout facilities.
  • Regular contact with your coach via email or app to keep you on track and accountable.


Competition Prep Program

  • Weekly check in.
  • Analysis of the best competition strategy.
  • Member’s only access to a private app where you can track things like workouts, nutrition and much more!
  • Peak week guidance.
  • Unlimited email contact.

Off season Program

  • Member’s only access to a private app where you can track things like workouts, nutrition and much more!
  • Clients are required to check in as often asked.
  • Unlimited email contact.

What Is New with NUTRAFx Sport

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.

Transformations and Lifestyle Programming



Customized program

Workouts based on availability

Regular contact

Personalized programming

Online only

Competition Prep Programming



Customized program

Competition choosing strategy

Peak week guidance

Unlimited email contact

Online only

Off Season Competition Programming



Customized program ​

Members will keep update with plans

Client's check-in required

Unlimited email contact

Online only